San Japan Pre-anniversary!

SJ invades SA! We're now one year out from the only San Antonio anime convention! We know you're home bored, waiting with anticipation. We don't want to disappoint! In celebration, we're hosting a pre-anniversary bash! On Saturday, July 15th, meet us in front of the IMAX theater at Rivercenter Mall at 9:30am. We recommend parking at the Rivercenter's parking garage. As usual, cosplay is encouraged, but DO NOT BRING WEAPONS OF ANY KIND, REGARDLESS OF IT BEING FAKE OR REAL. We don't want SAPD to take up your well crafted weapons or arrest you or some such. Also keep in mind it's in the middle of Texas' summer, so temperatures will be hot, more than likely reaching high 90s to the 100s. Make sure you are properly covered but don't wear anything too heavy. We don't want you passing out from heat exhaustion! At 10am we'll start a tour of downtown SA. We plan to visit the Alamo, Riverwalk, Hemisfair Park, and the Towers of the Americas. After this, we'll return to Rivercenter Mall for lunch (bring money for lunch and shopping!). After lunch it'll be shopping (Sanrio store! ) and gaming (DDR is there!) inside the Riverwalk Mall. As usual, we'll be taking preregistration for the special discount rate of $25! Think the day's over and done yet? Of course not! We're renting out the pool at Woodland Oaks for a night of fun, starting at 8:30pm and ending at 10:30pm! We'll have games with prizes (DVDs and more, graciously donated by ADV Films), music, and so much more! Only 60 people will be able to attend the pool party, so call Keri at (512) 769-5520 or e-mail to reserve your spot and get directions! First come, first serve! You will be responsible to bring your own food and drink to the party (no alcohol or glass allowed). We hope to see you there!

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Anime Fan Community Picnic

Anime Fan Community Picnic (San Japan endorsed)

Where: Pickrell (Schertz) Park, 200-201 Aero Avenue, Schertz, TX 78154
When: May 20th, from noon to dusk

We invite you and your friends to join other anime fans in a pot luck style picnic at Pickrell Park. Please bring some kind of food or drink to share. Although Golden Week has passed, we'll still celebrate with outdoor games, a trivia contest, and music. Cosplay is encouraged and an award will be given to the best costume. There will also be a raffle to benefit San Japan. We will also host an Iron Chef competition, so bring in an already prepared main course, appetizer, or dessert to compete!

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Ed's belt

Currently I'm planning out to be Ed at the anime convention centre over here up at S.F.U. this summer and I was just wondering does anyone have tips on making his belt?
I've figured out the rest of the attire and how to make them (excluding the auto-mail XD) but the belt was something I was wondering about O_o
So if you guys could help, thanks! =)
This is also my first time to cosplay XP
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San Japan's White Day Cosplay Picnic

In Japan, there are essentially two Valentine's Days. On February 14th, the girls give guys chocolates. On March 14th, the guys return the favor!

In celebration of White Day, on March 14th, San Japan will host a cosplay picnic!

When: March 14th, 3pm - 7pm.

Where: Schertz Park (from I35 north, take exit 174A (FM 1518), turn right at the intersection with the car dealership on the corner, the park will be down the road on your left; from I35 south, take exit 174A (FM 1518), turn left under the bridge, go straight, the park will be down the road on your left; from I10, take exit 591 (FM 1518), take 1518 north until it ends (it'll be at a light), turn right onto 78, turn left at the first light (right across the bridge), turn left immediately after crossing over the railroad tracks, and then continue straight, the park will be on your right).

What to wear: Cosplay or regular clothes. We won't force you to cosplay, but it is recommended.

What to bring: If you can, bring some food, drinks, or things needed to consume the food with. Please comment with what you're bringing so we don't have overlaps. Bring some outdoor gaming stuff (footballs, frisbees, etc) if you can. We also will be accepting donations (and maybe preregs! We'll see if we can set it up by then). Bring a camera for photoshoots!

San Japan

Have you ever sat in front of your computer screen in late July wondering "Man, I wish there was an anime convention in San Antonio right now!" Well guys, I have answered your wish. July 27th through the 29th, 2007, San Japan will be in San Antonio. Finally, after several transformations, it's finally on.

Check our website for more info (it was only launched today, it'll be updated furiously over the next few days):

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